Shanghai Vista

Official Site: This collection of works represents a breakthrough in artistic concept: they question and redefine what "contemporary art" is commonly experienced by daring to return to the two-dimensional canvas and rejecting the forms commonly associated with the "contemporary." For the artist, the values of artistic creation lie in their ability to express the inner spirit of the artist in a fearless manner, independent of definitions. Boundaries defining what is "modern", "contemporary", and "classical" are constraints which are meaningless in the face of visual expressions of the artist's heart. For the artist himself, his spirit must remain true because art demands the artist to continuously question himself, and it is this process of continued questioning and awakening, which drives the new artistic visions and creations.

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    Excerpt-Ink scroll
  • 10
    Excerpt-Ink scroll
  • 08
    Excerpt-Color scroll
  • 07
    Excerpt-Color scroll
  • 09
    Ink scroll- 46cm x 6m
  • 06
    Color scroll- 46cm x 8m
  • 05
    New York's Pain (painted after 9/11)
    Currently under collection of
    Capital Museum Shanghai
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