Discovery of New Color Theory

Discovery of New Color Theory, 2000 - 2007 Traditional color theory was built upon centuries of study based on natural light. However, technological progress meant that for the first time in man's long history, we are bombarded by artificial light sources of our own making. The glare from our computer screens and TVs, the fluorescent light in our office buildings, the neon that colors our cities at night, the innumerable light bulbs that surround an increasingly urban population— our lights define us and in doing so, radically change how we visualize color. This body of works repersents Xu's study of the different nature of light in the contemporary world; they are studies of a "New Color Theory."

  • 2007-raptured-90x120-star
    Raptured - 90"x120"
  • 2007-lasmeninas-180x120-details2
    Las Meninas - Details 2
  • 2007-lasmeninas-180x120-details
    Las Meninas - Details 1
  • 2007-1mintomillennium-90x120-1
    1 Min to Millennium - 90"x120"