Art about Art

Art about Art, 1993 - 1997 Xu begins his travels around the world and saw in flesh, the great master works of the western tradition. This body of works is Xu's re-interpretation of these pieces. Due to his intense interest in color and light, Xu chose predominately impressionism works to re-interpret.

  • 9397-waterscape-440x90-8
    Monet Waterscape - 440"x90"
  • 9397-thepicnicmanet-110x90-6
    Manet - 110"x90"
  • 9397-space-vermeer-56x70-3
    Vermeer - 56"x70"
  • 9397-negative-sunrise-monet-110x90-4
    Monet - 110"x90"
  • 9397-contre-jour-bonnard-110x90-5
    Bonnard - 110"x90"
  • 9397-54x90-2
    Manet - 54"x90"
  • 9397-54x90-1
    Manet - 54"x90"