Behind a Forbidden World, 1975 - 1984

Forbidden World, 1975 - 1984 At a time when abstract paintings were forbidden by the Chinese Communist Government, Xu defied authorities to push the boundaries of Chinese art and became the first mainland Chinese artist then to paint abstractionism. During this period, Xu used the traditional medium of sumi ink on rice paper but employed oil-painting methods to create these large scale abstract works.

  • 1975-roots-137x54-2
    Roots - 137"x54"
  • 1975-path-58x42-6
    Path - 58"x42"
  • 1975-landscape-137x54-1
    Landscape - 137"x54"
  • 1975-culturalrevolution-21x30-4
    Cultural Revolution - 23"x30"
  • 1975-china-54x54-7
    China - 54"x54"
  • 1975-abstract-163x54-3